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UX Design & Strategy Work Samples


From Fashion To Tech:  And all in Between

UX is not a singular, linear discipline.  Rather, it is a system of disciplines that takes years of real world experience to perfect - and still have the humility to know that flexibility is key and the new revelations will come forth with each new engagement.

With me you get the entire package: writer, coach, teacher, artist, strategist, entrepreneur.

My career has been wide and varied.  After receiving top honors at The Fashion Institute of Technology I went to work in the clothing industry where I designed textiles and men's apparel, complete with a show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.  I've worked in Asia, Europe, and South America.

As work in the apparel industry began to taper off, friends suggested that I switch to tech - so I did.

The visual world and human interaction with products has always been a fascination and passion of mine so whether I'm designing a suit, a table, or an application, my creative and critical thinking path is always the same.

At The Pentagon, I led a team for a knowledge management project to help the DoD learn how to anticipate threats quicker by leveraging news broadcasts around the world.

At the Defense Intelligence Agency, I showed them how using data visualization to replace 2" thick reports could cut analyst assessment and recommendation time by 65% or better.

The Road to UX and Design Thinking

Currently at GE Aviation, and at Air Canada, Queensway Carleton Hospital, Fidelity, YP, GM, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and with almost 30 other companies, I've led 1-3 day Design Thinking workshops that strongly identified the challenges to increasing business, cutting costs, and improving overall satisfaction both internally and externally.  With those challenges, we then wrote project expectation statements that clearly articulated the direction, then we designed the MVP and got the dev teams started.  Yes - all in 1-3 days.

I've put together programs that have attracted standing room only crowds, eager to learn about the importance of User Experience research and design, and I've led workshops for rooms of people - techies, business, VPs - internationally.  I blog on the subject, have a course on Udemy, and a website where I share ideas that I hope will help further educate the world on the differences between UX & UI.

A Digital Nomad

I've been called the King of Useless Information, a Renaissance Man, and a storyteller.  I'm forever curious about life, art, literature, and the human spirit.  I'm driven, unique, and passionate about many things.  I do my best to always be honest and give my best, and I love to teach others to do the same.

Here are a few of my accomplishments:

Give a look to some of the visuals below, as I take you on a journey.

Connect with me and I'll send you some UX & Design Thinking goodies.

Some Work and Visuals


Most recent in my role as UX Strategist, leading Discovery Sprints internationally with some of the largest airlines in the world.  These examples is indicative of the work done at each, although each is tailored specifically to the customer. 

This is first draft design for an engine repair shop production controller.  He and his team use this to stay ahead of problems with parts and performance and keeps them on track to the contract with the customer.  Their previous systems required hours of manual labor per day and this cuts that by as much as 75%.

Mobile app for a Fortune 50 Supermarket Company --- used in store by associates to management inventory and assist customers with purchases.

App for store associates

Mobile app recently designed - personal project

An app for drinking buddies to find each other

Two Business Intelligence Applications

This Business Intelligence accelerator automates the process to ingest EMT data and provide analytics to executives and manager of ambulatory practices and medical groups.  The simple and easy to use interface enables managers to spend more time managing their business than analyzing data.  Designed and executed with a WebFOCUS developer and a sales manager.

A Business Intelligence accelerator for hospitals

This Sales Tracking Analysis tool was a demo designed and built to assist the global sales force to better show the capabilities of the BI software when used as an InfoApp, which is a predictive dashboard, better suited to making quick, accurate decisions.

A Sales Tracking Analysis dashboard

Two of several projects for Kroger

Some slides from decks I use to explain and evangelize UX within an organization, and to start of Design Sprints with customers.

I use this diagram - which builds as I speak - to explain the importance of understanding the business and user/customer needs to that we arrive at the optimal solution to design and build without wasting valuable time and dollars.

In this slide I'm explaining the need to understand the mental models of a variety of personas.  This helps us listen and learn better so that our iteration cycles are smoother and faster.

A Marketing Flyer for the Design Boot Camps I designed and delivered.  These bootcamps and other smaller User Group one day events were held across the country and revitalized a dying, outdated UG model.  Within 3 months of presenting these workshop format UGs, we raised total attendance by over 50%.  I wrote the copy and the Art Dept did the final design.

Early career interface and application design work

A Flash site I built towards the beginning of my tech career

Site for a clothing brand in the early 2000s - I also co-designed the line.

2011 hand coded design for a small builder in Maryland

2011 design for The Defense Intelligence Agency where I did evaluations on several data visualization platforms

2011 hand coded design for a small digital agency I ran at the time

Two examples from a large project designed and built in Quickbase for DC Public Schools in 2010-2011

2011 work with DC Public Schools - this work was adopted as the new direction for internal applications

Page and interaction for a Case Manager

User Flow Diagrams

These are diagrams that I created to get the dev teams and design aligned before we dove into wireframes.  The diamonds are interactions with the handheld device, the boxes are information parts of the workflow, and the ovals are physical movement that an associate must make to retrieve things needed for the task.

Most recent with a major aircraft power supply repair shop.

Workflow for a Helicopter repair facility, focusing on parts availability and kit building.

Various other workflow diagrams, all based on initial UX research.

Workflow Variations

A hospital taxonomy we used to study reasons why patients would miss their medications.  We then used this work to design a predictive application that used analytics to forecast possibilities and allow the floor manager to reduce the errors.

Workshop Design Diagrams

Below is the plan for a 3 day design sprint, in which I would lead the charge for putting together a team from us, and a team from the customer.  We do some prelim work before hitting the ground and at the end, we have an agreed to plan of attack to design and test an application.

Simple Persona Example

Interview Blueprint

I teach and use a team approach so that a primary interviewer can establish rapport with the user and the team can take the notes for clarification when primary is complete.  This gives us the info necessary to start finding a focus for our direction, as well as outliers we may need to account for.

Pictures from Workshops

As of June 2020, I've worked with and trained over 1000 people in person and my student count for my Udemy course is over 1000 and climbing rapidly.

One of 6 teams working in a NYC workshop

A Pittsburgh workshop presenter showing the room the app they designed

Administrators from Queensway Carleton Hospital in Ottawa

Packed room at the World Usability Day workshop I led for The Interaction Design Association in Cincinnati

Me leading a 3 day workshop for engineers in London

Facilitating in NYC

Publication Design

Cover of a book in progress

Special publication for Queens College in Queens, NY

A color trend guide I published

Lead magnet for my men's style blog