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Design Thinking in the Queen City


Packed room at the World Usability Day workshop for The Interaction Design Association in Cincinnati

I moved to Cincinnati for the first time in May of 2018, and my #1 goal was to get involved in the UX community quickly, and in a meaningful way.  I went to some Meetups and started meeting people and making new friends and connections.

I started talking about a design Mastermind to a few of them, with the idea that I could bring the methods and practices of Design Thinking that I've been teaching internationally for the past three+ years to them - to help them achieve their goals, both personal and professional.

I then left Cincinnati for a great gig with GE Aviation and moved to Washington DC.  And now, I'm headed back to Cincinnati as of Feb 8, 2020 to pick up where I left off and have turned that little idea for a mastermind in to an official Meetup - The Cincinnati UX and User Research Meetup.

Visualize, Focus, Accomplish

Our first meeting got off to a great start when two educators came to The Mohawk Building in Brighton to learn how to create a better information application. Through a series of questions that got them down to the core of what they wanted to accomplish, they wrote on sticky notes, put them up on the wall, rearranged them into focused sets, and found both their similar wants, and the ideas that diverged as well.

They came to understand how important it is to visualize these ideas without judgement and to openly discuss the fears involved in the challenge.

The candid thoughts that came forth in our two hours together, and the way they willingly dug in to find the best Phase 1 to the plan, created the atmosphere that as a Design Thinking facilitator I always push for.

Anyone who's ever been in a workshop with me - well over 1000 at this point - will tell you that I'm not shy. My goal is always to get the stuff out of you that makes you better, and sometimes that takes pushing you a bit, even when I see that you're a tad uncomfortable. If you're the wallflower in the group at the start, you won't be when you leave.

Who's Next

So Cincinnati, who's next? Who wants to join our fledgling team of thinkers and doers? Who wants to learn how to break down the barriers to great achievements while helping others do the same? Design Thinking is very experiential and enlightening. These are just some of the ideas, challenges, and practices we'll be exploring in the Cincinnati UX & User Research Meetup and I'd love for you to join us.

To commit to something and see it through.

To grow as a person on a team and as an individual by cutting through our bullshit and stepping up.

Bring it Cincinnati. Get in touch and let's talk about dreams and ideas and action.

Please share this post and help us make this a big thing in Cincinnati.