The UX Design Strategist

Interface Design


Now we can start putting our ideas from the research and focus sessions into interface design ideas.

We have a solid understanding of the users and their needs, the data and how it represents the business areas our users need to do their work on, and how we might put together an application or website that satisfies the demands uncovered.

One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is with a template - a printed wireframe starting point that gives basic sections for the team to start with.  Here's an example of one I've used over the past five years with hundreds of participants from the US to Canada, Europe, and Great Britain.

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While this is an example of what might be designed for a manager level role, someone who needs to see important numbers and charts at a glance, there are others to represent a view for an analyst, report writer, or other knowledge workers who are closer to day to day business and have very specific tasks to accomplish each day.