The UX Design Strategist



Did you know the kid who took apart everything to see how it worked, and then tried to figure out if there was a different way to put it back together better?  Yeah – that was me.

Starting in the clothing industry where I traveled and worked the world, I switched to tech and found my niche first in all things visual, and for the last 12 years in the research and design of total user experiences across many, many industries.

UX drew me in for a number of reasons and the above is definitely one of the tops.  I love to figure out visual and workflow problems, and do what I can to make them better.  If something already exists, we’ll work together to fix it.  If nothing exists, we’ll work together to create it.

UX is about collaboration.  It’s about burying assumptions and letting our minds run for a bit, then reeling it all back in and creating the focus that will provide our solution.  Design Thinking workshops are how I facilitate and have helped companies and individuals across the globe to get better at what they do and reduce unnecessary spending.

I lead and I participate.  I teach and I learn.

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